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NCM Global Limited (NanoCapital Markets) are the authorised specialist member of INSCX™ exchange, The Integrated Nano-Science & Commodity Exchange, partnering with Comdaq, the operating system for traditional physical-delivery commodities.  INSCX™ exchange is the world marketplace for industrial scale trade in SHE Accredited, compliant and validated nanonaterials, nano-enabled commodities, objects and devices. In addition to these advanced materials, the Exchange provides live physical markets in Base Oils, Polymers and titanium Dioxide.

Specialist Merchant Members, INSCX™ exchange



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Base Oils, Nanomaterials, Polymers, Titanium Dioxide, Nanocommodities, Rare Earths

Delivering Trade Certainty

We act to deliver trade certainty via a rule-bound Exchange system to customers across an array of traditional and advanced commodities.

As members of INSCX™ exchange, our dealers and registered affiliates worldwide act to place and execute trade instruction on the Exchange trade floors on behalf of verified buyers and title holders to physical operating independently or through appointed intermediaries.  We are bound by joint exchange rules governing agency and principal trade to achieve best execution to instruction or better on behalf of customers. We support  access to an open, transparent and neutral market system in listed commodities compliant with enabling commercial efficiency, ethics and formal regulation.




- Track and Trace nominee trade reporting.

- Single and Multiple supplier grades.

- Nanomaterials SHE Accreditation.

- Exchange approved user access only.

- Standardised Trade Settlement/Indemnification.

- Trade Finance for producer upscale.

Understanding a Commodity Exchange.

A Commodity Exchange is an organised market which facilitates the purchase and sale of physical commodities to defined specifications, rules and procedures agreed by members and management of the Exchange.

The price at which any trade is agreed is by way of the buyer/seller interacting anonymously through authorised non-commercial user members of the Exchange who in turn place the instruction for execution on the Exchange trade floor.

On INSCX™ exchange instructions to trade are placed through a specialist dealing desk managed by NCM Global. We engage to verify as “Exchange proven” any instruction placed on the electronic market during trade hours and act as an effective auctioneer confirming and reporting any subsequent trade agreed between the parties concerned.

The instruction to trade buy/sell can be placed direct with our dealers or indirectly with us via any Merchant member or registered intermediary with the Exchange acting for the principal end buyer/seller as verified to our trade desks.

This model of trade ensures any price placed anonymously on the Exchange system is proven as reliable as principals and intermediaries are obligated to prove principal credentials.


Best Execution

Agreed Rules

INSCX™ exchange is a new commodity exchange devoted to the commercial trading of a wide array of nanomaterials, ranging from basic raw materials such as carbons and metal oxides to high-end, processed goods such as photonics and programmable matter.

Track & Trace


- Open market system of trade.

INSCX™ exchange lists both traditional and advanced emerging materials for trade. Live markets are quoted daily in Base Oils, Titanium Dioxide and Polymers in addition to engineered nanomaterials.